Thursday, August 7, 2008

River Sessions

My friend Brian Nixon had a great idea. Actually he has quite a few of them. He heads the publication department at Calvary and is a recent re-transplant back to his native New Mexico from California. Brain thought about doing little video segments about subjects we're teaching currently at church, a way to reinforce the truth and really get people's minds around the biblical text. We call these, "The River Sessions"--informal Q & A about a variety of subjects. Brian puts himself in the position of a listener who wants clarification on these subjects and then we discuss them back and forth. Since we've been teaching about Eternity and what happens to a believer when he/she dies, we started with that. In these first sessions we discussed the eternal nature of man's soul and what heaven will be like including insights into the resurrection body of delivers, the Kingdom Age (Millennium) as well as the Eternal State (New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem). We just did our first filming today and I hope to have these clips available on YouTube soon as well as this web site, the Connection site and the main church site. So look for them shortly! Loads of fun today, and now, I'm off to another meeting--architects--as we discuss an upcoming expansion project on the campus of Calvary Albuquerque.

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Bethany said...

Hey Skip,
maybe you've seen or heard of this before, but I just thought you might want to see it, case you haven't.
It's pretty crazy and scary. Which leads me to wonder, are these people who did the challenge now on their way to hell because they said that? Or do you think it's more of a lifelong thing?