Monday, August 18, 2008

A Nice and Productive Monday

This morning after an orientation for our new SOM (School of Ministry) I had the rest of the day off. By the way, this year we have students from New Jersey, Indiana, Missouri and even Australia. Each class is always a blessing and this is the 17th year of doing this.
So with a few hours to play, I was still able to be pretty productive. I took my old 1942 Flathead Harley Davidson and converted the old 6 volt electrical system into a 12 volt system. I had been keeping it all original for a long time now, but hey, anyone knows that those old 6 volt systems weren't the best (especially at night). So, swapping the generator, regulator and coil (and battery, of course) along with a new horn and light bulbs and, BADDA BING, its now a more reliable scooter--loads of fun these old things. My dad used to ride an old Indian and my brothers and I worked on these things growing up, so for me, its real relaxing and satisfying to get a little dirty and still have the bike run! Thanks to my great friend, Kenny Riley, we got 'er done!


Aida La Distraida said...

Mr. Heitzig:
Fixing something old and rusty to look and function like new, reminds me what Jesus did for us in the cross. Don't you think?

Skip Heitzig said...

Aida, Yep--good analogy--He loves to restore!

Deborah Dunn said...

Beautiful bike. Nice saddle too. Ride on victoriously!

Yvonne said...

My family & saw you riding your beautiful bike a couple of weeks ago. You were riding east on Paseo Del Norte at about Louisiana after services on a Sunday. It reminded me about the time you told us a few years ago when your mother in-law teased you about "not being able to get away with anything in this town". It must be true because I have to ask you, where was your helmet?

Skip Heitzig said...


What's a helmet?

No, you're right--I think I have one--somewhere :)