Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laguna Beach

I have been told by both my Board and Senior Staff to take a vacation since I haven't had one for over three years. I keep saying I will but something comes up. So while we were out here for speaking in San Diego, we decided to head North to a familiar spot that we've both spent alot of time at over the years--Laguna Beach--not far from both Huntington Beach and not far from San Juan Capistrano. Being able to rest, read, swin, walk and hold hands, talk, connect with some old friends and just "hang" the last couple of days has been nice. I was able to finish my summer read on the life of H.A. Ironside today and walk, take pictures, and run into lots of people I've know out here. I can hear the surf crashing right next to our window--so nice!!!! Think we'll run out and grab some Thai food at our favorite Thai restaurant, "Thai This."


Tom Terry said...

Hi Skip. Like you I'm also on "vacation." Actually, it's a 3-month sabbatical. The stress just become too much and I started crashing. I'm in Tucson until the end of November, but plan on a few days in Albuquerque in September. See ya then.

Tom Terry

Teddy said...

Good to hear the message on Heaven. Enjoy your vacation in Southern California.
Take care!
Teddy and Katie

Teresa said...

So glad that you were able to carve out some vacation time and rest! Safe travels to you Skip and Lenya!

Dr. Walker's wife said...

Good for YOU!! I am so glad you are taking some time to be refreshed - soul, body and spirit. May you be showered with blessings as you lavish up the SON, sun, surf and fun. You both do so much for us all -- Enjoy this time of R&R. I pray there are more opportunities like this. Thank you for all you do. TDW

lifesong72 said...

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Finally getting your pastor to take a vacation….Priceless :o)

Sorry couldn’t resist . Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skip!

I recently come across your blog via a link off the Harvest website. It was there a couple of days after you had written some really nice thoughts about Chris Laurie. We are continuing to hold the Laurie family in our prayers. Still a rough road ahead, but God is Faithful to see them through this!

Anyway, I have a question for you...

After some research of my own, and having a hard time making head or tails of this. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the emergent church movement? I know some people who are apart of this movement, and honestly I find myself scratching my head and having that "huh?" feeling. I keep asking myself (maybe I should be asking them :) can't they see it? Although, I haven't been able to figure out exactly what "it" is. Is there there something there I am discerning, or am I off base? Is there cause to be skeptical? Maybe you could shed some light on the subject? Do you know how or where the movement started? Is it a new idea? I am not sure I am even asking the right questions, but maybe you can give me a better understanding of it.

Thanks for the time to read my jumbled questions. Hope to hear back from you...


Skip Heitzig said...


Glad you're able to HANG out there awhile--but Tucson in summer? Anyway it will be great to see you again--we may have someone to go as a pastor to Mongolia. I am deeply moved by the need there and opportunity.

Skip Heitzig said...


Thanks for writing and the question about the emergent church. The hard part is that the whole thing is really a moving target (not that I want to shoot at it necessarily) but it morphs and is very inconsistent. Those in the leadership of this amorphous movement like to call it a "conversation". There are some common threads however that are troublesome: it's like rehashed liberalism. Most often the concept of any absolute truth is disregarded. One Emergent leaders stated, "The concept of absolute truth is a rationalization of the worst sort." Rob Bell, one of the golden boys of the emergent movement said that to preach about the return of Jesus for the church and a following period of judgment is a "horrible and toxic message." In fact most often among these groups preaching and doctrine are undermined and sneered at. So, while I applaud the innovative thinking and modern ways to reach the people, I am deeply concerned about it's core values and beliefs. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Tanks Skip!

Yes, it does help me. You cleared some things up for me. I am not aiming to "shoot" them either. I just want to be informed. I have some friends who are buying into this flake-y theology.

"The concept of absolute truth is a rationalization of the worst sort." - Rob Bell

That statement amazes me, especially because the Bible is FULL of absolutes. Now I understand why I was "sneered" at when I objected to the comment (said by a man who recently prayed at the DNC)that Jesus gave His life for injustice. Which at first sounds nice and dramatic, but (in my understanding of injustice) really is just wrong.

Thanks again for taking a moment to answer my questions even though you are on relaxing get away weekend. Makes me appreciate it even more!

God Bless!


Damian said...

Hi Skip!
I was reading through your blog and saw that you just finished a book about H.A. Ironside, I am looking for a fresh read and always loved Ironside commentaries. What is the full title of the book? Thanks for blogging.

Damian Velarde

Paz123 said...

Thanks for suggesting a beautiful spot for my next vacation trip.