Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raw Talk

My wife Lenya spoke candidly about friendship with God and how to enjoy a courageous and intimate relationship with Him on the M88 Sunday program, "Raw Talk". Along with her co-author, Penny Rose, she articulated some of the principles found her their two newest releases, "Live Intimately" and "Live Fearlessly". These two women's Bible studies are designed for the busy woman (I don't think I know any who aren't), so that in 20 minutes a day, they can walk away with biblical truths for THAT DAY! As she was being interviewed I just hung around to listen and snap pictures. She always impresses me with what she shares and how she says it. Her outstanding insights have helped me for 27 years!

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caliana said...

(If this is TMI you certainly don't have to post it.)

Often I think people totally underestimate what a steady handed, solid minded person like Lenya does for a ministry like CCAbq. In fact, she is more central to the stability of the ministry than all the assistant pastors combined. Even tho most CCs seem to depend a more heavily on the pastor, and women's roles seem a bit less pronounced than some ministry models for today, just turn loose a woman who is really concerned about her image or being talked about or any one of a bazzilion things that women can tend to struggle with and see what kind of chaos can be unleashed on a ministry. I observed a situation at the end of this last week where this was clearly outlined for me.

Lenya seems to live a life of faith very much like Esther did. Most people will never quite understand that it takes an incredible amount of bravery and the Lord's power to face people every day, some who want to hack you off at the knees "just because". Or worse. They may pretend to be your friend for awhile (see Haman) and then they hack you off at the knees!

There is no doubt about it. She is completely worthy of the praise that you bestow upon her.