Monday, July 7, 2008

Ah....Monday, Monday!

Flew back from Riverside last night to catch dinner with the family and Pedro Garcia who spoke for me this weekend while I was doing services at Harvest. But this morning was the bomb! Woke up, called my friend Gino Montoya, who was gracious enough to loan us one of his bikes for Pedro and then Pedro, Ken Riley and myself were off to Santa Fe. We rode the back way through Madrid and Cerillos, lunch at Coyote Cafe and then back--great day, great weather and great friends! One of my great joys is to see people from the church or other believers around the state and enjoy meeting them. Thanks also to the great team at Thunderbird Harley Davidson in Albuquerque--a great crew and very friendly. 


nr said...

Thank you, for the introduction to Pedro Garcia. His energy is awesome. nr

Skip Heitzig said...

Yeah, I've wanted to bring him for a while now. I love this guy--solid!

DanDawn Lowe said...

Wow! What an energy and inspiration to us all. One would have thought Pedro had been pastoring for many years - must be your great mentoring and of course - Jesus. We really hate it when you're away but do you think one of these days we could get Greg Laurie to fill in (those big shoes of yours)? We love him dearly and listen to him everyday on the radio, after your broadcast of course. We'd love the opportunity to meet him. Our prayers are with him at this time, so sorry to hear of this tragedy in his life. It seems he's had his fair share but I guess that's for God to determine. We love you Skip and could not imagine being fed by any other shepherd here on earth!