Monday, July 28, 2008

Like Old TImes!

Ever since Nate was a just a tike, I would gather his toys and take him everywhere on a bicycle. I had one of those little carriages that attach to the back with a seatbelt system and I'd wheel him all over town and on the off road trail. He grew up loving bikes. So today we packed up the mountain bikes and made our way up past Dixon's Apple Orchards out by Cochiti Lake. What a great day in a magnificent place--crossing the trickling mountain stream, negotiating the rocky trails with a canopy of warm sunshine and tall pines. It's been 20 years since I road those trails--glad we went today. The best part was just hanging with Nate and listening to him download what God is doing in his life now. He just arrived back from leading a team to Belize and is now preparing for marriage in three months. I am so proud of him and thankful for God's evident grace in his life. So a day filled with mud, sweat and cheers!


Anonymous said...

hi, nate is a wonderful young man , im thankful to god for his help and prayer for my daughter sabina .

hey skip , in rev 20 , do you think the saints in heaven help make the chaim and key for the pit ?,i know we are going to be busy doing gods work and i think it would be cool if we had a part in this ,

and do yo think they used the Masters lock . get it .
grace and peace be to you . troy

Skip Heitzig said...

Troy, thanks for the comment. I'll pass it on to Nate. I think he's awesome! I love your idea about taking part in this in rev 20. No way of knowing the answer of course--where the scripture is silent, I don't like to be too authoritative, but I love the thought. God bless you, Troy!

Mike W. said...

Skip: This is very cool. Even though our sons are young adults it's still important to spend time with them. My son Nate is now 24. We still go out to breakfast together every Saturday as we did since he was 4 years old. It's nice to know that our job doesn't end when we lead our children to the Lord. Even though he is married and on his own, Nate seeks my advice and I can still help him navigate through the waters of life. I look forward to the time when his son joins us on Saturday! Blessings to you,

Your old friend,

Mike W.

(PS. Belated birthday greetings)

lbh said...

what a great pic
this pic brings me peace and happiness
thanks be to God for such a blessing