Thursday, July 17, 2008

From the Study

Trying out some video--a few words about what I'm studying.


Michael & Marcelle said...

Hi Skip. I like your website. It make me want to get on my Harley and ride.

I watched the video you posted on your blog and am excited to hear more on Sunday. I have a friend who was pastor of a Nazarian church here in Albuquerque before he and his family moved to San Diego. He too devoted a lot of time to studying and preparing for his teachings. On the outside, we tend to take that for granted as the church body. I just waned to thank you for ALL the time you devote to being our church leader.
Michael Vittitow

nr said...

Great picture, beautiful smiles.
It is totally outstanding (and I don't just mean good) that you share your life with us the way you do. Thank you nr

Mary said...

Hi Skip. I just want to say thank you for obeying God in your studies. It must be hard to do away from the pulpit. I know because it's hard enough just being away from the congregation - and in the world. You have great rewards awaiting you! It's great to have a bible-teaching church to go to with a bible-believing pastor. God bless you. Thank you. Mary Montoya, Bernalillo, NM

Skip Heitzig said...

Hey everyone, I know that this little video post on some of your computers looks chopped off. I tried to make it big (my mistake) and it doesn't feed well on some browsers. If you used Firefox, it works like a charm! My second one from the worship conference turned out much better.