Friday, July 4, 2008

Kicked by a Panda

Nate can't resist hamming it up anywhere, anytime--like father, like son. (You should have seen what happened to the Panda!)


Tish said...

Hi SKip,
I just found your blog!

Wish we could have joined you all for the fireworks at Calvary, but our little one was fast asleep at that time.

Hope you are doing well!

P.S. funny post about your bowling experience!

jean said...

Wow - your blog grows! I was just here a day or two ago, and there are lots of changes. Thanks so much for the music. Skip, in your 'spare' time could you add a description to some of your pictures. They are awesome, but what or where are they? Thanks for sharing so much.

Skip Heitzig said...

Hey Tish! Thanks and we miss seeing you around the "ranch".

Skip Heitzig said...

Yes, I do plan to give descriptions to the pictures--I saw that myself--right now a hodge-podge. Thanks for looking though.

caliana said...

Quite hilarious. ;)

Like you guys, I'm sure nothing makes us all laugh like our kids. It certainly is true for us. Sunday eve we attended an Isotopes game with our two oldest (one is newly married) and our oldest with his date. Nothing I can think of is more fun for us than watching them horsing around and having a good time. And it was an excellent game too! The whole day was a blessing really. So knowing how much we thoroughly enjoy them, we can appreciate how funny and precious your son must be to you. And he is.

On a far more serious note, I pray often that the Lord will keep all of their hearts soft before Him (and all pks that I know of) and make their future to glorify Him. To lose even one of these yougins is just one too many in my book.