Monday, July 14, 2008

The Collings

This little Collings guitar is a jewel. I bought it from my musician friend Paul Clark several years ago. It's a 000 body joined at the 12th fret to the body with a slotted head. The wood is warm yet percussive when you bang out a chord. I just put new strings on it and I'm loving it--this is probably my favorite acoustic guitar. I like the tone better than my Taylor or Martin--a fine instrument and a great songwriting guitar.


Deborah Dunn said...

Sweet. I really enjoy your music. There is a song, "10,000 Miles," I'd like to hear it again and again.

Samantha said...

Hello Skip. You don't know me but my name is Samantha and I attend Calvary. It's awesome to know my pastor has such a passion about music because I do too. I attended the McCain Town Hall Meeting today (July 15, 2008) and I noticed you were there. I also noticed that you wanted to ask Senator McCain a question but he, unfortunately, did not call on you. My question to you is, what was your question to McCain going to be? I was just curious. God Bless.

Skip Heitzig said...


Yes, I had my hand raised the whole time. I had two questions, the first of which was answered in the course of the discussion which dealt with Israel and the Iranian threat. I was curious about dealing with the ongoing instability in the region, especially our support of our strongest Middle East ally--Israel.
The second question I had concerned the role McCain would envision for interacting with faith-based organizations. I was at the White House some time back when President Bush called for leaders in the faith community to reach out to those with AIDs without compromising their spiritual values--an historic precedent in this current obsession with separation of church and state. I was wondering what McCain's posture would be. Thanks for reading the blog, Samantha! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

hi, i use to a great musician before my accident , i never used my gift for gods glory , when i was in the hospital , the hardest thing for me was not the fact i would never walk but the fact i would never play guitar again . i love jazz and blues guitar
i ask nick few months back if he knew of anyone interested in a 1955 magnatone amp , it was a killer amp old tube with big lights and bigger knobs , i wish i would have got hold of you before i sold it , i still have a few guitars , i have a first year gnl made by leo fender , and my old jumbo epiphone . i really miss my classical of all my guitars , i love the feel of nylon strings . i got to go . your brother troy