Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Austin City Limits

This week in Austin, 2200 worshipers (who are also worship leaders) from around the country gathered at Riverbend Church in Austin, Texas. The conference hosted speakers, musicians and loads of workshops for the musically and ministry inclined. This worship conference from the first night had a wonderful air of simplicity and reverence. Rather than introducing the "big name bands" or high profile speakers, one after another came to the platform to share their gift but mostly to shine the stage light of attention onto Jesus. It was an exceptionally receptive group and it was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. Before I spoke Monday night on, "Casting the Worship Vision--Past, Present and Future" Sarah Kelly and Matt Redman fill the sanctuary with a "joyful noise." These folks were up for a good dose of Bible truth and resonated with the message I brought. I thoroughly enjoyed the staff of Riverbend Church and watched firsthand a great teamwork by many faithful servants in that church community. Fernando Ortega did a great job this morning!

Joining Matt Redman in one of his classics!


nr said...

Right on! feeling the crowd resonate with your message.
Earlier this year, I was blessed to be touched by the Holy Spirit in such an unmistakable way. Started attending Calvary, and find that when I hear your message....focus and comprehension seem effortless. How great is that?!! Consequently, I can't seem to get enough of God's Word. Gotta say.... you have the gift that keeps on giving.

caliana said...

I see that you guys (whomever you all may be:) have some of those issues we have been concerned with somewhat figured out? Sounds like a nice time in Austin. If we hadn’t been so caught between various things to do, probably should have gone.

Actually, we have three rotating leaders, so maybe some or all could go next year.

certainly don't have to post this one either...it is kind of in the "who cares" category. :)

have a good one