Sunday, July 20, 2008

OK, I feel short now

I met Damien and his mom and dad and baby brother this morning after
third service. He's 7'1" and has a shoe size of 20 AND he's only a
sophomore in high school.(Wait, I can hear the NBA coming!) Great
family. They have a new infant that we're going to dedicate soon.


Dolores said...

Skip, I saw this young man and another as I was turning the corner from the south foyer to the east. I thought WOAH!! There are guys actually TALLER than Skip!!!

Deborah Dunn said...
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Fred said...

Skip, I know that strange feeling when you actually feel short as I am as tall as you! I wonder if our souls are all the same size?
I just saw the video cast and I think it is a great idea.

Mandypenny said...

I always feel short...nothing new here ;)

lbh said...

now that is funny
he must have to duck in doorways

do you have to do that as well?