Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Mr. Big" in Mongolia

Tom Terry, the man in the picture (under the horse at PF Changs), has been living in Mongolia for the last 6 years. ("Tom" means "big" in Mongol and is sometimes referred to by locals as "Mr. Big"). He is headed back there today amidst a national coup over the latest election results in that country. Tom is a spiritual warrior who has learned the language and the culture and operates a TV station that broadcasts in Mongolia's most populous city. He has in that time changed the way the country produces media. There are only just over 2 million people in that entire nation and he has manages to make a significant impact. We had lunch yesterday (and yes, he ordered the Mongolian beef--seriously). He wanted to tell me that our TV program, the Connection is translated and aired in Mongolia daily and is one of the most popular programs there. (Thank you Lord!) The problem he sees is with the church there. Christians have traditionally been syncretists on their approach and open to every form of false teaching imaginable. He's now asking for pastors to come there and start the "expository method" in Mongolia. The vision is to have a string of churches that will teach line upon line, verse by verse, book by book and at the same time raise up local indigenous leadership along side. As he was describing the present conditions in that country, I couldn't help but think that they are poised for something great to happen--in the spiritual level. That nation could be changed in the course of the next several years, but it needs pastors to go and start a work there. I will be focused on this project and will seek to identify and send a pastor or a family who senses the call to go there to start this work. Any takers?

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