Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Election Time--Pray Hard!

Had an opportunity to be with John McCain this morning as he was here in New Mexico (yes this is one of those "battleground states"). He was firing on all cylinders today reaffirming our need to be free from the dependence on foreign oil and develop alternative energy while exploiting our own oil resources in the meantime. Being a military superstar (former POW), he also understands the threat of Iran with it's aggressive nuclear enrichment program and recent missile launch. in the Middle East, along with its arrogant palaver about destroying Israel. McCain was clear on this point, "There MUST not be another holocaust!" I raised my hand throughout the whole meeting to ask a question (yes, this was a town-hall meeting so I wasn't acting out of line). I wanted to get his take on the relationship the government plays with faith-based organizations in solving social and moral ills. Didn't get that chance. I was sitting next to Sam Winder (chairman of Promise Keepers, former asst. U.S. State Attorney and one our church Board Members). Sam is a good friend with the Senator from Arizona and has worked in the past with him. It was a fun morning but also a reminder to me that we as Christians must first and foremost PRAY for the upcoming election and be responsible to vote. Remember, Paul said, "supplication, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men...for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence." We can do more than pray AFTER we've prayed, but we can't do more than pray UNTIL we've prayed.


Angelique Foster said...

Hi Skip-My husband and I feel very challenged with some family and friends who say they are Christians, however, they support a social liberal agenda that is so against our Christian values and belief. It seems so inconsistent to us. What are your thoughts?
Angelique and Steve Foster

Skip Heitzig said...

Yeah, that's always a tough one. Sometimes family or cultural/social pressures move people towards a political position rather than scriptural values. I say, let your light shine, be passionate for Christ and articulate your feelings and values in Christ-honoring manner. God bless you.

Disciple Tim said...

Yes, this is a tough line to walk. On one hand the bible tells us we are aliens in this land. On the other hand we are here and now and we see what is happening to this great country of ours that God established for the better of this world. Skip is right. Our mission here is to let our lights shine so that others may see Christs love. Not to force our beliefs or our politics on others. We have to remember that the world is on it's way out, and things are only going to get worse (including for America). Stay in His Word, for as times get harder,if your light is shinning people will be coming to you for answers... and you have them in the good news of Jesus Christ.
May the good Lord fill your hearts with His peace and understanding.